Last Saturday, I went to my first ever anarchist non-party. That is not to say that it was an non-anarchist party as I went to one of those last Thursday.

On Thursday night, I was invited to this non-party by one of the Union debate speaker's groupies. He was quite short and he smelt like he lived in a squat so he seemed like an authentic anarchist. It was very kind of this person to invite us to his party because I had spent quite a while contradicting his ideas, but then, he must get that a lot. I told him that compromise between sixty million people didn't work, but he did not believe me.

I also lost my jumper that night and was asked to be on an internet socialist channel, which is both strange as surprising as it was in the context of Very Loose Women (Very Far From Political Issues).

Saturday night came then and I followed the instructions:

"following the clues by Debenhams, there is an anarchist flag, that is where the gathering will be."

I knocked on the door of the building by the flag and noticed a tiny plaque, 

"St. Peter's College annexe accomodation."

So we thought, "it can't be here."

Intercom: I buzzed all the buttons.

Me: Hello?

Person: Fuck off.

Emma: What?

Me: Hi, we are here for a … sort of… gathering… with….people

Emma: Is there a party?

Person: Fuck off.

Another person pokes her head out the window: Fuck off. 

There is a strident beep down the intercom, the door is not being buzzed open (I know 'cause I checked).

Then we walk away and the intercom is buzzed for ages.

We sneak inside. The stairwell is doodled on with markers and anarchist signs, the doors are propped open with fire extinguishers. It is all a bit of a pickle.


Me: Do you think this is the right place?


We hear the voice of the scary Fuck-Off Person and we run, run, run out the door, believing for an instant that the door is locked before Jenny manages to push it and we are free.

That is not all I have to say about anarchists.

There is an anarchist in Liege, he has long hair that is always in a pony-tail and wears sandles in winter. I know he is an anarchist because he gave a surprise speech at a film club.

And:  I have lived in a squat for a week and also three days, but I cheated as I had access to a bathroom. I was not an anarchist when I lived there.

That is all I have to say about anarchists today.


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