Saturday, February 27, 2021
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    Valuing the Future-Present: How to be Taiwan

    "By acknowledging that the future will eventually be the day we wake up to and the problems we encounter, we can make a greater conscious effort to make that future-present a better one."

    It Can’t Happen Here … Again? The GOP After Trump

    As tempting as it may be to simply move on from the Trump presidency, four cathartic years now over and the American republic redeemed, we ought not to look upon the political currents which swept the 45th President to power as mere spent forces never again to re-emerge.

    Dating in East Asia: the Work-Life Imbalance

    "While the economy is valuable, we should not forget that the economy is built by people, for people. If your population cannot profit from their own economy, what’s the point?"

    In Praise of the UK’s Vaccine Rollout

    I would argue that the vaccine rollout has been one of the few British successes to quietly emerge from the pandemic, primarily as the government has taken a step back and left it to non-partisan public bodies to head the process.

    Challenging the Myth of Brazil’s “Post-Racial” Society

    "Attitudes towards racial identity in Brazil are more fluid, and so it is often harder to define discrimination in Brazil using our own standards. Race is a social construct, and Brazil makes this incredibly apparent as their attitudes towards defining race are so different from our own."

    What If Cummings Was Right?

    "What if Cummings was right? What if Westminster really is an anachronism- enough to warrant such nutty behaviour and the entrance of such a nutty man? What if it is as hostile to diverse thinkers as he makes it out?"

    So long, farewell: the UK’s decision to leave Erasmus

    Like a parent disguising a plate of vegetables as a dessert, Johnson desperately promises, in true Trumpian fashion, a ‘bigger and better’ programme. See previous claims on a ‘world-beating’ track and trace scheme, if you need reminding of how boasts work out in this government.