Winter Micro-trends: Stack it!


Are you one of those people who hoards ball and festival wristbands until they fall off of their own accord? Never fear, the micro-trend of the moment is perfect for a high-end version of this look; wrist stacking. Street style bloggers at the fashion weeks, primarily Tommy Ton of JAK&JIL, have been going mad for detail shots of well-dressed wrists. Luckily, it’s an easily replicable look on a much lower budget, and can really give even a simple outfit a bit of weekend pizazz.

The key to a good wrist stack is variety. Make sure to include at least one watch (more than one for an added WTF factor – it’s fashion, dahling!). Friendship bracelets are pretty integral too; make your own or buy a multicoloured bunch from eBay if you’re too lazy. Stack up a fair few jangly bracelets too if you can stand the sound all day. The jury’s still out on whether mixing gold and silver is quirky or just a step too far – thoughts? Tie a vintage silk square around your wrist for a charming pop of colour.

Make sure your hands get in on the action as well! Multiple rings always look awesome, as long as you’re not actually planning on doing anything. Double finger rings (try ASOS for the best of the high street – we love the ASOS White range) and big stones are right on the money and you can pick them up for next to nothing. If you often fall victim to the nasty green fingers curse, Cherwell’s top tip is to put some clear nail varnish around the inside edge to keep it at bay. The final touch is nail art; try anything from liquid eyeliner polka dots to clashing colours on every nail. YouTube is your friend here.

The look is pretty bold, so it’s the perfect way to make a plain tee and cigarette pants or an LBD  look chic but fun. Try and mix it up with colour-pop bracelets and a monochrome outfit; perfect for dreary autumn days.


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