Blind Date: “It soon became apparent that we were quite different people”

George Dickinson and Laura Savage bond over politics, yoga, and disappointing ale


George Dickinson, Second year, Classics, Worcester

After a quick relocation from one pub to another (accidentally giving the photographer the slip, whoops), we found a nice, if cold, table outside. We hurdled the cliché ritual of establishing Colleges, subjects, and years, before starting a decent conversation. And it was a decent conversation. Laura was good at being interesting, good at appearing interested, and just fun to talk to. She led the talk through politics, past-times and pets, and would swiftly side-step awkward silences with impressive effortlessness. I was quite nervous beforehand, as I’m not the sort of person who goes on blind dates, but Laura put me at ease. As the conversation went on, it soon became apparent that we were quite different people. She is artistic—I am not. I am musical—she is not. However, it turns out that we’re both quite into yoga and lefty politics. All in all, I will happily say that it was a success from my point of view, although I guess I should wait and see what she writes about me…

First impression? Pretty with an edge of edginess

Chat? Very good!

Personality? Pleasant

2nd date? Why not?


Laura Savage Second year, History, Balliol

George was incredibly accommodating and friendly, even when I accidentally ordered his pint for him, forcing him into drinking the same sickly ale as me. Having used this to establish my dominance, we moved on to the subject of what we actually did with our time. Him: parkour, choral singing, yoga, trumpeting. Me: fuck all. With him deep into his exam revision, I think he was more envious than impressed of my detailed description of how little work I have, whereas I was impressed with his commitment to day drinking under the circumstances. There were a few dicey moments when we disagreed over who was truly in charge of the Life section of Cherwell and the inclusivity of some of Oxford’s more wanky traditions, but ultimately we found common ground over the respective merits of London versus Gloucestershire. After two hours we parted ways, he returning to a problem sheet and I feeling emboldened by his enthusiasm for Oxford life and by a small pint of ale.

First impression? Polite, lost, wearing a jumper

Chat? Cheeky yet understated

Personality? Sweet, friendly, conscientious

Second date? If I can fit him into my busy schedule



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