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Liveblogging: Texas and Ohio returns

Roundup - So with 99% of results in Hillary Clinton won the Ohio primary by 10 points, and the Texas primary by 4 points. In the results from the Texas caucus Obama is currently leading by single digits with around one-third of the results reported.  What does all this mean? In short, it means the race is going to continue for a while longer. Hillary has survived a night which could have ended her campaign and lives to fight another day, able to claim that she has halted Obama's momentum after he won 12 states in a row. However, everything is not rosy for her. She remains well behind in delegates (still around 80 behind in pledged delegates) and she's running out of opportunities to make up that gap.  Plus, whilst the victories tonight were important, she had long been expected to win Ohio and Texas. Given the demographics in each they were viewed as a Clinton 'firewall' and the fact that Texas was fairly close and Ohio wasn't a total blowout means that she stil

Liveblog: Wisconsin and Hawaii results

The fun's all over but just in case you missed it the blog is archived after the jump.  Check back here on March 4th when I'll be liveblogging the crucial Texas and Ohio returns.

Yes, We Can – Democracy 2.0

First up, two confessions.  Number one, I think Barack Obama is a rock star.  Number two, I am a huge fan of Barack Obama.  The two are not wholly unrelated.

Almighty row at Trinity as scholars refuse to say grace

A row has erupted at Trinity over whether or not students should have to say grace at meal times. Over the past few weeks...

Legionnaires’ at Hugh’s

Traces of the potentially deadly Legionnaires’ disease have been discovered at St Hugh’s during routine annual testing for the bacterium.Legionnaires’ disease is a form...

A wild prediction

The internet is the future.Seriously guys, I've got a good feeling about this.

John McCain must die

On Thursday 10th June 2010 to be precise. 

Owner of The Bridge refutes closure rumours

The owner of The Bridge nightclub has refuted rumours that the club is to close. Responding to claims made in the Oxford Student, Simon Walker,...

Tourist knocked down on George Street

A tourist was knocked down on George Street on Wednesday night. The victim, a visiting American, was struck by a dark Volvo as he...

Wildcat strike at Catz

St Catherine’s JCR have called a rent strike in protest at the College raising battels charges without consulting students or the College’s Governing Body.The...


The Witching Hour

A séance themed photo shoot

Overlord combines fun, gore, and flaws galore

An entertaining yet terrifying film that will keep you on the edge of your seat

Sufjan Stevens: Saying is believing

Everything about Stevens’ work is an attempt to love right, and to believe right

How to beat the fifth week blues

Brownies, smoothies and good-old chicken nuggets: this is your guide

Journey’s End preview – a play about brotherhood

Bessie Yuill finds an emphasis on WW1's individual soldiers and their relationships in this Remembrance Day production