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Freddy the Fresher: 7th Week Hilary

Freddy struggles to make ends meet as the end of term approaches

Freddy the Fresher: 5th Week Hilary

Freddy basks in the glory of his new-found fame

Freddy the Fresher 2014: Part 5

Freddy storms to victory on University Challenge

Freddy the Fresher 2014: Part 4

Freddy recalls an amorous encounter in typically theatrical fashion

Freddy the Fresher 2014: Part 1-3

Freddy's adventures in Oxford continue in this uncut collection of the first three entires of Hilary

Freddy the Fresher: Part Five

Freddy's idyllic sexual paradise is about to be shattered...

Freddy the Fresher: Part Four

Freddy finally plucks up the courage to ask out Bernadette: but will it all go to plan?

Freddy the Fresher: Part Three

Freddy has an awkward run in at the Alternative Tuck Shop...

Freddy the Fresher: Part Two

Our hapless hero discovers that life in the SSL can be rather exciting...

Freddy the Fresher: Part One

Cherwell introduces its weekly column, following the fortunes of one hapless fresher...


Nuffield students defend Noah Carl after “racist pseudoscience” petition

Three Nuffield PhD students have signed a letter defending the former Nuffield fellow Noah Carl, after he was denounced in a petition signed by...

New taxi hailing app launches in Oxford

The startup's CEO wants to make taxis "more accessible and affordable"

What’s next for Theresa May?

Major constitutional changes must not be carried out without adequate support

If Merkel Says Auf wiedersehen, what’s Next for Germany?

The German people must decide what they want, and whether the CDU will be able to provide it, whoever leads them.
picture of food arranged to look like the chanel, louis vuitton, fendi and gucci logos

Branding Matters

What does it take to make a strong brand? Apparently not the same as it did five years ago. Georgia Watkins analyses the shift in branding strategies and the rise and fall of the logo.