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Oxford interview questions released

Oxford has released a number of questions asked at interview in an attempt to demystify the process.

‘Overview of Oxford’ sales boom

An Oxford student has written a humorous guide to the city in order to raise money for a homeless charity.

Balliol celebrates 750th anniversary with art installation

Balliol College has installed illuminated hearts in its flag tower to celebrate the anniversary of its founding

University of Oxford at number six in world rankings

Oxford has fallen to sixth place in world university rankings, yet six UK universities make the top 20, according to a new global table

Council donates bikes to Oxford homeless charity

Oxford City Council is to donate abandoned bicycles to the homeless charity Broken Spoke Bike Co-op


Nuffield students defend Noah Carl after “racist pseudoscience” petition

Three Nuffield PhD students have signed a letter defending the former Nuffield fellow Noah Carl, after he was denounced in a petition signed by...

New taxi hailing app launches in Oxford

The startup's CEO wants to make taxis "more accessible and affordable"

What’s next for Theresa May?

Major constitutional changes must not be carried out without adequate support

If Merkel Says Auf wiedersehen, what’s Next for Germany?

The German people must decide what they want, and whether the CDU will be able to provide it, whoever leads them.
picture of food arranged to look like the chanel, louis vuitton, fendi and gucci logos

Branding Matters

What does it take to make a strong brand? Apparently not the same as it did five years ago. Georgia Watkins analyses the shift in branding strategies and the rise and fall of the logo.