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Ghosts in the East

Czech-ing out the phantoms of the Republic's past

One night down the pub…

Sarah Karacs runs into a living legend in Prague

A wonderland of quirks

Prague and Oxford: both as bizarre as each other.

Czech-ing new places out

Trying to step off the beaten, touristy, track

Prague’s tween magazines: less fun more freaky

Our travel journalist Sarah Karacs, now in Prague, takes a look at the disturbing message in Prague's tween magazines

It’s not plagiarism… it’s intertextuality

Sarah Karacs questions the popularity of Helene Hegemann's German bestseller "Axolotl Roadkill"

Norwegian novelty

Norway: the miniature ponies, the swans and the mildly disturbing black metal music

"May I check your ticket…"

Ticket inspectors have left European blogger Sarah Karacs less than impressed

The fear of the unknown

Healthy secularism or the encouraging of prejudice?

Data Dates

Our new blogger works for Der Spiegel's English speaking website. Each week a different issue from a fresh perspective.


Keble students stranded after accommodation cock-up

Undergraduates have been ordered to postpone their arrival due to new graduate accommodation awaiting completion

‘No Offence’ and ‘Antinuous: Boy Made God’ at the Ashmolean

A review of the museum's latest exhibitions which are dedicated to telling LGBTQ+ stories

Fandom: democracy or tyranny?

Hollywood's decisions have become increasingly determined by internet fandoms

70% of students only drink to fit in, says NUS survey

Almost half of the survey’s participants claimed that prior to starting university they had a perception that students spent most of their time getting drunk.

Oxford ranked as Britain’s least socially inclusive university

Just one in ten students at Oxford view themselves as working class while over 60% of students went to a private or grammar school.