Question Time: It could have been so much better

The BBC was right to give us a chance to cross examine Nick Griffin. Question Time wasn't the right format.

Risa, we hardly knew thee

Nothing impassions a student quite like the closure of a mediocre nightclub

Guest Column: A right-wing libertarian renaissance

Telegraph Religion Editor examines the new 'righties'

Moir brings shame on the Daily Mail and herself

Moir's article on the death of Stephen Gately should never have been published, argues Tom Greene.

Time to think again

When there is near universal opposition of opinion to your actions, it is time to reconsider what you are doing.

Obama: worthy Nobel laureate?

Was Obama's Nobel peace prize merited?

5 Minute Tute: Matriculation

A look at the bizarre world of Oxford ceremony

The man to the left

The General Secretary of the Fabian Society talks politics, pluralism and principles

Guest Column: The EU is too big to ignore

The Director of Global Vision explains just how central the EU is

Old dog, new tricks?

The Conservative Association's latest incarnation hasn't yet proven that it is committed to changing its character


A black and white close-up shot of the face of a man with a woman standing up beside him.

Fast Film: In a Lonely Place unites noir tradition with painfully real romance

Humphrey Bogart is a man addled by loneliness in this cinematic masterclass of subtlety and allegory.
taylor swift sings into a microphone

“Look what you made me do”: Taylor Swift’s reinvention

The reinvention of her ‘reputation’ is not a change of character nor a sudden shift in her attitude to the spotlight. The Reputation era was simply a rebranding of sound, lyricism, production and image which worked to provoke her audience and, ironically, sustain her reputation.
The Town vs Gown promotional poster

Town vs Gown 2019: Press Release

The official press release ahead of the Town vs Gown 2019 boxing event
The 1975 play on a stage

Review: The 1975’s latest album falls short

Some robotic pretentious waffle. Some cynical love songs. Some good hooks, a few nice bridges. Rinse and repeat for an album for an identikit album, with a dozen else out there the same.

City Council Blasts Oxford Union over Le Pen Invite

Oxford City Council accused the Union of a “pattern of endangering community safety by inviting fascists into the city.