Kafka’s Dick


This production of Kafka’s Dick, directed by Sophie
Buchan and Sara Carroll, is an excellent interpretation of
Bennett’s absurdist comedy. It focusses on the relationship
between Kafka (Simon Motz) and Brod (Thomas Eyre-Maunsell), both
of whom give energetic and vivid performances. The production
examines the relationship between these two characters, and
brings out too the lighter, more farcical side of the play to
create some truly funny moments. The scene in which Brod tries to
hide from Kafka the fact that he did not burn his books brings
out the best of Eyre-Maunsell’s acting talents. Kieran Wanduragala’s Sydney is a banal man, and his
contemptuous dismissal of Juliet Lough’s Linda is effective
and in sharp contrast with Kafka’s encouragement of her more
thoughtful side. The play works in pairs, and the dialogue
between Kafka and Linda is especially effective. The directors have chosen to emphasise the literary allusions
in the play, in order to highlight its subtext, and to make its
satire as accessible as posible. This allows both those familiar
with Kafka, and newcomers to his works, to appreciate the play.
The production is ideally suited to the BT, as the intimacy
highlights the absurdity of Bennett’s world, as well as
emphasising the interplay between the characters. The themes which run through the comedy are excellently drawn
out in a production which is both thoughtprovoking and
entertaining.ARCHIVE: 1st week TT 2004 


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