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Monthly Archives: May, 2008

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Dalai Lama receives mixed reception

VIDEO: Dalai Lama greeted by protestors and supporters in Oxford

Review: All Tomorrow’s Parties

Butlins Holiday Resort, Minehead, May 16 - 18

Theatre Column: The Set Designer

Designing the set for Spring Awakening

Oxford to re-visit Turin Shroud

An Oxford Laboratory has been persuaded to revisit the dating of the shroud of Turin by a physicis professor. The shroud is the reported burial shroud of Jesus Christ. The professor, John Jackson, has argued that carbon monoxide could have contaminated the shroud and distorted its radio-carbon dating results by more than a thousand years.

Ex-Professor to sue Manchester Uni

Former Oxford Professor Terry Eagleton has publicised his plans to sue the University of Manchester for age discrimination after being forced by the University to retire from his current professorship at the age of 65.

Suitcase sparks ChCh bomb scare

Police were called to a suspected bomb alert on Tuesday, after an innocent tourist had padlocked her suitcase to a wall of Christ Church Meadows building. Having been alerted to the scene, just outside the Meadows building of Christ Church, the police were considering what further action to take when the tourist returned. Explaining that she had left the briefcase to go shopping, the alarm was called off, and the briefcase was removed. The College was temporarily closed whilst the area was cordoned off and inhabitants of Meadows building warned to keep away from their windows. Police deny claims that they were ready to carry out a controlled explosion.

Lost tower found beneath castle

Repair work on the Oxford Castle’s Mound has led to the discovery of a ten-sided tower that has been hidden since the late 1700s. The foundations of the tower that previously stood at the top of the mound overlooking Medieval Oxford were uncovered while work on a land subsidence was being carried out on site. Visitors should soon be allowed to observe the excavated tower, which may have to be reburied for safety reasons once the repairs are complete.

Uni ‘risks alienating foreign students’

Oxford second only to Harvard as most expensive place of study.

Grad students given charter of rights

Charter will outline rights with regards to the University.

Wadham cox injured at Eights

Accusations fly over collisions during Summer Eights.

Wadham burglar sentenced

Burglar had 29 previous convictions and had burgled colleges before.

Wadham SU to fund house party

Controversial decision to fund houseparty celebrating outgoing President's birthday.

Protestors ‘to confront Dalai Lama’

Buddhist protestors angry at "illegal and aggressive ban" on prayer.

Students turn to drugs for exams

Government warning of dangers of 'study drugs' goes unheeded

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