Lewis-Duncan Weedon, a London based fashion designer and stylist is a no stranger to the spotlight of London Fashion Week. The designer of demi-couture brand LDW Atelier held a show themed “Russian Princess meets Scottish Lord” for the Autumn/Winter 2012 collection at the Montcalm Hotel in Marble Arch, on Thursday 23rd February, as part of London Fashion Week.



Aiming to create timeless chic glamour, Lewis-Duncan Weedon exhibits his latest looks for men’s wear, featuring blazers (often embroidered) with matching trousers, and women’s wear ranging from semi-casual to evening gowns. Looking to expand his prêt-á-porter line into areas of London, Lewis-Duncan Weedon’s work is practical with a glam kick—flattering shape and form as an objective. Weedon doesn’t overcomplicate in his designs, sticking to classical shapes in order to enhance the natural body, and through his use of comparatively ‘real’ size models Weedon demonstrated this well.



Lewis-Duncan Weedon has been passionate about fashion, and modelling, since the age of 13, and is now designing pieces worn by celebrities on the red carpet. Encouraging aspiring designers to “work hard, always believe you can, and follow your thoughts. Don’t be led by others” in a 2011 interview, Lewis-Duncan Weedon combines his classic designs with a strong sense of personality which was present throughout the presentation of his winter collection, and he seems to be on the track to achieving his own aspirations.