Oxford’s best known reveller wowed students with his “all out” dance moves when he made an appearance at Somerville bop earlier this term.

In an exclusive interview with Cherwell, Old Man Bridge thanked law student Krish Neelendra for his invitation to the event, commenting, “I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to Krish and his friends for his kind invitation. I was very fortunate to take it up.

“I received an extremely warm welcome all round, and the dance floor was great. Indeed, I was asked by the resident DJ about his selections, and I was very happy to endorse his choices. Thanks also to a large group of Somervillians who came out to meet up with me a week later.”

Neelendra, who was responsible for inviting Mr Bridge to the bop, explained how he had first met him at a Christ Church bop, “I sort of struck up a bond with him after speaking to him. I had a found a friend indeed that night. I had found friendship in a hopeless place (Christ Church Bop).”

He added that on the evening of the Somerville bop, “Mr Bridge turned up fashionably early and grabbed a seat in our bar, eagerly anticipating the best bop on the college circuit. I dressed up, along with 10 pals, as those ‘hilair guys’ from Out of the Blue when they were on Britain’s Got Talent.

“OMB, because he is too meta for costumes, didn’t wear anything too significant. This didn’t stop him from having a ‘big one’ at the bop, with him making loads of friends and benefiting from the generously priced bop juices – only 50p.”

OMB refuted claims that his outfit was “conservative”, stating, “It was the first time I’d worn a leather jacket in a while, and as for the dancing, my moves were all out!”

He added, “A further unexpected pleasure at the bop was the opportunity to meet old college friends, with whom I have spent many happy hours on and off the field in the last term. I’d like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to their experiences and success.”

OMB also attended Keble Ball on Saturday, after appearing in the ball’s trailer dressed as the Phantom of the Opera.