New principal at Wycliffe


Wycliffe Hall announced on Monday that they have appointed a new Principal. Revd Dr Michael Lloyd is expected to take up the role this summer. He will be replacing Revd Dr Simon Vibert, who is currently the acting Principal.

Established in 1877, Wycliffe Hall is one of the only remaining colleges to teach only theology-related subjects and is considered one of the leading theological training colleges for the Church of England. It is one of the five Permanent Private Halls affiliated with Oxford University.

Dr Lloyd himself commented “At a time when Christianity is under more intellectual attack than it has been since the eighteenth century, we need Christian leaders of impressive intellectual ability, rigour and creativity.

“I am determined that Wycliffe should build a reputation for being a warm, respectful, encouraging and secure place for women to train alongside men, for all forms of ordained ministry.”

Among the challenges facing the new Principal is how to ensure the theological training at the Hall is sufficiently broad. In 2007 following complaints by staff that the Principal was too evangelical, Wycliffe received a warning from the University that it should avoid “narrow conservative evangelicalism if it is to remain part of Oxford University.”

Lloyd is currently Chaplain at Queen’s College, Oxford. He is the author of the popular book Cafe Theology: Exploring Love, the Universe and Everything and is also a frequent contributor to GodPod, a podcast about theology.

Dr Simon Vibert is Acting Principal of Wycliffe Hall, and not Acting Vice Chancellor, as previously stated. (amended 19th April)


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