At Jesus College there have been complaints over the number of posters for Labour, during last week’s local election campaign. Students alleged that the poster dwarfed those of any other political party, and they were later removed.

During last year’s local council elections the local Labour candidate was invited into Jesus College to canvass votes room to room, a fact which “certainly annoyed a lot of people”, according to JCR President Andrew Rogers.

Rogers told Cherwell, “The role of the JCR is to be political, without being partisan.

“If you weren’t going to vote, or if you wanted to vote for someone else, you don’t want to think that your JCR is entirely pro-Labour.”

It was eventually agreed by the JCR committee that an equal number of posters, and a full list of candidates should be placed in the JCR and all of the college’s residential buildings.

Images of Jesus College’s conservatory windows, covered in Labour posters, were shared on the Facebook campaign page of University Park’s candidate Joe Ottaway.