Two things are always guaranteed to get my instant attention: £1,
 and nudity. This Bar-gain Bin find from
 the patron saint of
 purple, Prince, did
 both. Even if you
haven’t listened to Lovesexy, chances are you’ve seen the artwork. featured it as part of a gallery entitled “50 hilariously awful attempts at sexy album covers”, which seems a pretty apt judgement. It’s terrible, but I can’t help but also feel that it’s quite fun. Because heck, naked people quite simply are fun. A spin of the album would indicate that its loveably cringy artwork is a good indicator for the content.

“Ahh! You got me drippin’ all over the floor,” are the kind of lyrics that will always make you prick your ears up. Delivered in chipmunk squeak, however mediocre the music might be, you have to think, “bizarre, yes, but also rather wonderful?”

Shoryu HT20 Side Banner

A quick check of Wikipedia tells me that the album is supposed to be about God and the Devil, and the struggle between good and evil. However, I can’t help but feel almost every track on here is about shagging instead, underscored by someone really enjoying the different fart-like voices for his synth.

But then again, he’s Prince, so all of this is not only acceptable but downright art.