It’s getting ridiculous. Seriously. The number of hair brands out there. Pantene Pro-V, TREsemme, John Frieda, Herbal Essences, Aussie, V05….you get the idea. Choosing which shampoo to buy is no longer a task that’s, well, Nice’ n Easy, is it? So how about a boycott? Last month, I spoke about going make-up free, now, here I am again this time proclaiming that we should chuck out our hair-products too. Well, not exactly. 3am essay crises haven’t gone to my head just yet. Rather, to experiment and try making your own shampoos and conditioners, using all things bright and beautifully natural.

Yep, that’s right. We all know about make-shift face creams (banana and honey anyone – that’s if you don’t eat the mix first) but what about Do-it-Yourself hair products? I’m always a fan of finding ways to make natural treatments (not least because it’s cheaper!), and there are some seriously great ‘recipes’ out there. Take Egg Shampoo, for example. You don’t need to be a genius to guess the main ingredient of this wonder. Yep, eggs are known to be natural shine-boosters, making hair soft as well as wondrously shiny. Simply crack a few eggs into a bowl (separating out the egg whites), wet your hair and leave this mixture in for around five to seven minutes.

But if eggs aren’t your thing (and I get this is probably true for quite a few people) you needn’t worry, for there are a number of more appetising ingredients to choose from. Try stirring some honey, coconut milk and a little almond oil together, apply from the roots of the hair to the ends and then washing out. The result? A top-notch conditioner that waves bye bye to frizz. If you’re pressed for time, simply squeeze some lemon into hands to rub onto hair for an instant shine fix.

Indeed, these haircare recipes include many other nourishing ingredients such as yogurt, jojoba oil, avocado and fennel-seed extract, all said to help keep hair looking healthy. But what struck me most, particularly for the hair masques, was just how much fun they are to make! (Alternatively, they can be a great way to vent your stress – there’s nothing quite like furiously mashing up a banana, I can assure you).

The question is, if everyone started going au naturel, would commercial hair companies become a thing of the past? It seems not, for there are already a number of brands out there that are basing themselves on using natural, often edible, ingredients. Take Ogario London, for example, which uses avocado, sage, nettle and olive oil in its Restore and Shine hair-masque.

However, why go to the hassle of buying when you can make it yourself? Far less expensive and a whole load more fun. Just make sure you do remember to wash out that egg before leaving…