The ‘Save Subfusc’ Campaign paid off and our ancient tradition is here to stay. You can continue to don your impressive costume to sit your exams in beautiful surroundings, and perhaps the fuss of pinning that fiddly carnation to your lapel might even distract you from the three hours looming ahead.

1. ‘Back To Black’ – Amy Winehouse

For a terrifying moment, you thought subfusc might be gone, but no, Oxford has gone back to black.

2. ‘Goldfinger’ – Shirley Bassey

Don’t act like you haven’t pretended you were James Bond while wearing subfusc.

3. ‘Suit and Tie’ – Justin Timberlake

“As long as I got my suit and (bow)tie”.

4. ‘Carnation’ – Oasis

Oasis might see carnations as depressing, but you’ll love red carnations for the rest of your life.

5. ‘Feeling Good’ – Nina Simone

This song sums up exactly how you feel in subfusc. The combination of the two can make you invincible.