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The Road of Dreams

Travelling was once a life-and-death decision, not just a leisurely impulse

We are fortunate to be at the age when everyone can claim to be a travel guru. The globe has never been so connected with the exploding number of budget airlines and the expanding diversity of accommodation models.

Yet when you are nurturing your feverish relationship with Trip Advisor, eyes obsessively scrolling through Lonely Planet, fingers cuddling with the Expedia in your hand… how much do you really know about travelling? Nowadays, travelling has become an affordable leisure.

Nearly a century ago, it represented a steely resolution for absolute freedom, whether for materialistic or spiritual terms. Completed in 1927, Route 66 is one of the first highways connecting the East and the West coast in the United States. Its entire 2,448 miles have witnessed innumerable footsteps in the pursuit of better lives, titanic hardship, extreme weather and short supplies, and the road gained prosperity from related highway businesses.

Some of those who took it failed and paid their lives. Travelling was once a life-and-death decision, not just a leisurely impulse.

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