Cocktail of the week: negroni sbagliato

Julia Alsop shares an indulgent aperitif


Normally a drink that involves replacing gin for another type of alcohol is totally off the cards for me, but I’ll make an exception in the case of the Negroni Sbagliato. The decadence of this drink makes it not only acceptable, but totally worth it. Traditionally, a Negroni is made from Campari, a sweet vermouth, and gin. ‘Sbagliato’ is the Italian word for ‘mistaken’—the drink was created, supposedly as a fortunate accident, when a bartender used prosecco rather than the intended gin. As such, it makes for a good celebratory aperitivo or an exciting brunch drink, if you want to switch up your mimosa.

There are lots of variations on the ratios in a Negroni, but I like to make it 1:1:1.


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Sweet Vermouth


1. Pour your Campari and Vermouth into your mixer with ice to chill, before straining it into your champagne flute.

2. Top up your glass with Prosecco.

3. To garnish, cut a circular slice of an orange; detach the peel from the pulp and cut one part of the peel such that you have a strip of peel. Twist the peel into a spiral (it will hold the shape), and place it in the glass.