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Blind Date: Rosie and Tom

Tom and Rosie discuss classical music and Persian history over a drink in Turf Tavern


Somewhat uncharacteristically, I turned up five minutes early. This provided ample time to try to Facebook stalk my date, without much success (I blame the Turf’s poor internet connection, and to a lesser extent, the fact that I didn’t know his surname). After spending a couple of minutes deliberating which out of the two seemingly lost guys I should walk up to, Tom resolved the situation by coming up to me and introducing himself. This created a calm and laid-back atmosphere that lessened the inherent awkwardness of a blind date. We managed to talk for two hours without too many or too long uncomfortable silences, touching on ideal, but unlikely, exam topics for lawyers, Persian history, and Sergio Leone films. We even realised that we had a compatible taste in music (read: I actually knew who he was talking about).

Out of ten: 8

Looks? 7.5

Personality? Very agreeable (tolerated incessant sarcastic chatter)

Second date? We didn’t exchange numbers


Having never been on a blind date before, I entered into this with a certain amount of trepidation. Fortunately though, despite some slight initial confusion recognising each other, the evening was rather fun. Rosie was a pleasure to talk to, and we soon discovered a shared appreciation for classical music, in particular for Beethoven. It was good fun sharing in the usual sordid of tales of tutorials gone wrong and embarrassing encounters with tutors, and her sense of humour made the whole thing very enjoyable. The pub did have a tendency to get rather loud, which occasionally made hearing each other a little difficult, but overall I found the whole thing to be very entertaining. Alas, all good things must come to an end, and a need to prepare for early morning tutorials forced a conclusion to the date but, all things considered, it was a very pleasant evening.

Out of ten: 7

Looks? Attractive

Personality? Easy-going with a good sense of humour

Second date? Another drink as friends perhaps


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