Charlie Willis (Second Year, French & Italian, Oriel)

Second week surely must be the best week to try new things and I, in keeping with this rule that I may have just invented, tried two: I ventured into Jericho, and I went on a blind date. As a south-east Oxford local, my cold trip over to the north-west felt somewhat cross-continental, yet Adam’s cheerful company made up for the trek (as did the ambiance of the bar). Our conversation flowed freely, covering everything from hospital trips in France, to the construction of prisons in Tasmania, to the oddities of JCR committees. Adam also proved gallant enough to buy us drinks over the course of this discussion. All in all, it was a good night. Whilst I am pleased that I braved the previously foreign world of the Blind Date, I am doubtful whether our relationship will blossom away from the realms of the third circle of friendship.

Out of 10? 7

Looks? Charming, and very smartly dressed

Personality? Friendly and talkative

2nd date? I’d say that we are very different people…

Adam Porter (Third Year, PPE, Worcester)

Appropriately enough, this turned out to be an evening of bon viveur (note: Charlie is a linguist, and my French is terrible). Fortunately, Charlie was adept at plugging those dreaded awkward silences, meaning that the only slight awkwardness was caused by the sub-par photography skills of the Rickety Press Bar-man – tall curly-haired man, if you’re reading this, I apologise. Incredibly, I only discovered that Charlie used to row about half-way through the date, and even then it only received a brief mention. Turns out she is now a recovering rower—I can only conclude that her chat is actually too good for her to be allowed to continue. Together we deplored Oxford’s many low-grade drinking societies, and the more ‘rah’ elements of our respective colleges. But Charlie has survived 14 years in Tasmania, so she’s skilled in avoiding snakes and other venomous creatures.

Out of 10? 8

Looks? Very good looking

Personality? Exuberant

2nd date? Never say never?