Tim Farron was given a humiliating dressing down by an Oxfordshire voter earlier this week.

Brexit supporter Malcolm Baker, 65, interrupted the Liberal Democrats leader’s campaigning in Kidlington, shouting: “Don’t tell people who voted Leave that they didn’t know what they were voting for”, and accusing Farron of perceiving all Leave voters as “racists”.

The dramatic moment was captured on camera, and was shared thousands of times across social media.

Farron later responded on Twitter…

And a calmer Baker spoke to Sky News later in the day…

Baker, who lives in Woodstock, told the Telegraph: “I sit in my front room watching politicians spouting off and sometimes I just want to kick the TV. Seeing that Farron was in my neighbourhood was just too good a chance to miss.

“I just felt I had to get what I think off my chest.”

He certainly managed that.