Booze cruise: Cocktails at Catz

Cocktails are taken seriously at Catz

Photo: Ailin Cheng

Renowned for being the drink of choice at bops, the Catz Tail’s sparkling blue and purple ombre is a joyful sight to behold. The drink is a (rather edgy) combination of port and VK – and there’s the option to add a shot or two of vodka if you’ve had a really rough day. Beware though – a few of these down you and the last thing you’ll remember will be the already-spinning face of your college dad warning you, “Careful. Those are dangerous,” as you laugh and wave him away.

The drink is a play on the traditional cocktail, the Cheeky Vimto. But instead of WKD, we stay true to the £1 legendary blue bottle of that wonderful place, Parkend, and use VK. Come down to a Catz bop for a few of these (discounted) magic potions. It will be worth the trek.

The Catz Juice is the more-chill, irty cousin of the Catz Tail. It’s the colour of an (overpriced) Tequila Sunrise and tastes just as delicious, without the bitter aftertaste of crippling debt. The drink is a dazzling combination of orange juice, lemonade, and a dash of grenadine.There’s the option to go alcohol- free,or to add a shot or two of vodka. It’s the perfect, sweet end to essay-riddled days, and before long, you’ll find yourself dreaming about its divine taste during your impromptu naps in the library. Catz freshers resorted to making these themselves over the vac, to cope with their intense sadness.

Despite not being unique to Catz, the White Russian deserves its own shoutout. A chic number made of kahlua, vodka, and milk, this drink is an adult-take on your childhood glass of milk before bed.

It contains the perfect ingredients for student-life: coffee liqueur provides an always-needed energy boost; vodka remedies your crushing despair; and the milk gives the illusion that you still lead a child’s carefree life.

It’s no wonder that certain broody freshers have bargained with the bartender to let this drink be named after themselves – on the condition that they drink 168 in a term (one for every day of the year). For those who don’t have the means to do the maths, that averages to three every night. Undeniably ambitious. We wish them luck on their endeavours.

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