Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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    The Role of a Lifetime? It’s Never Too Late

    While actors profit from an ability to be malleable, it is often the case that they are stuck playing the roles they are ‘right...
    Oxford Lanscape

    A View Into Both Worlds: Being Mixed-Race in Oxford

    CW: Racism, mentions of violence "Throughout my time in Oxford, people have blindly made jokes about the food I eat, my various foreign mannerisms, and other misplaced snubs at the expense of the Asian community. Maybe they thought I’d find them 50% funny. Maybe they didn’t care to realise they were not." 
    A street lamp by the Bodleian Library

    Oxford City Council responds to concerns raised over Oxford street lighting

    CW: Sexual assault, death  It Happens Here, an Oxford Student Union group tackling sexual violence, recently released a statement arguing that “street lighting in Oxford...

    Hanging in the (im)balance: the state-private school disparity in Oxford

    "It is now time for private school students, committed to building a better future for all young people, to use their privilege and voice to pressure these institutions." Fionn McFadden investigates potential solutions to Oxford's state-private school disparity.

    Oxford societies respond to the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill

    "The president of OULD, Asher Weisz, said that 'the bill will massively constrain the ability of all people to protest by giving the Government sweeping new powers to take action if one person is ‘annoyed’ by a protest.;”

    Wolvercote residents campaign against St. John’s College Oxford North development

    "Wolvercote residents led an hour-long socially-distanced protest outside St. John’s College on Friday to show their displeasure with the college’s plans to redevelop the green-belt land which it holds in North Oxford."
    A photo of Michael O'Connor, smiling

    Meet the Balliol student running for Oxfordshire County Council

    "Sasha Mills speaks to Michael O’Connor, a student at Balliol studying for a master's in philosophy, who is running in this year’s County Council Elections for the University Parks Ward and is also a member of the last standing Oxford team in this year's University Challenge."

    “There Is No Pandemic”: A First-Hand Insight into Oxford’s Anti-Lockdown Protest

    "He agreed to talk to us, but only after insisting that we remove our face masks (“unless you’re undercover police”)."

    Oxford sport versus lockdown

    "Oxford’s athletes will be eagerly awaiting their return to the green grass of Iffley Sports Ground and the drink-spilled dancefloors of Park End. But for the time being, they must fight on from home."

    Michael(mas): Everyone’s Toxic Ex

    Are my 10 lectures, 6 hours of labs and 24 hours of imposter syndrome worth it for a fancy gown that’s only going to make those friends think ‘god they’re a prick’?