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Food in Ramadan: Fast or feast?

Take a deep breath in, and hold. Hold it for as long as you are able to (without passing out), and then, once your...

A day in the life of an Oxford influencer

“Yet though they might be close physically, sometimes watching these videos makes me feel worlds away from the lives they live”

Amal and George Clooney speak at Oxford’s New Theatre

Amal and George Clooney made an appearance at New Theatre in Oxford as part of the Skoll World Forum annual summit last Friday. The...

Bodleian Libraries acquire rare Johann Sebastian Bach Manuscript through Acceptance in Lieu Scheme

The Bodleian Libraries have gained ownership of the autographed manuscript of Johann Sebastian Bach’s cantata for Ascension Day – ‘Auf Christi Himmelfahrt allein’ –...

Zero Emissions Zone lowers air pollution, report shows

With the introduction of the zero emission zone (ZEZ), Oxford city centre has seen reduced pollution and traffic levels. A new council report has...

Oxford University Liberal Democrats set to return

The Oxford University Liberal Democrats (OULD) is set to restart this Trinity term. Their current president, Zagham Farhan, a first-year University College student, spoke...

Your right to know: Oxford colleges’ responses to FOI requests

Under the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act 2000, members of the public have the right to request certain information from public authorities, which are...

Tutorials and the art of the blag

Oxford is a unique place to study at an undergraduate level. Its centuries-long history of elitism, pomposity and academic excellence separate it from the...

Oriel College removes 18th century painting ‘over fears it would offend students’

"Critics have said the painting was removed over fears it would offend students"

Oxford University releases new mental health toolkit for students

During Hilary vacation on University Mental Health Day, the University of Oxford released a new mental health toolkit for students as part of a...

Oxford University Press’ American workers prepare to strike

The US National Labor Relations Board, an American government agency, has filed a complaint against Oxford University Press (OUP) on charges that OUP has...

“Everywhere we go, we ask: ‘What are the dominant narratives about the city? And what are they hiding?”

I’ve walked past the Clarendon Building on Broad Street many times – but I’d never thought to ask what it had been used for...

Not all made equal: Why your college really matters

Students need a more ambitious package of measures that would lead the central university to force colleges to help each other out where necessary. Until then, as the gap between endowments grows, the ‘Oxbridge experience’ will mean increasingly different things for different students. The college system should be a strength of Oxbridge, not its weakness.

Why the SU failed (and how we’ll fix it)

"Now, just over a year after my election, the SU has announced its Transformation Plan, which has two simple aims: to resolve the systemic issues and unleash the SU’s potential."

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