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    “A fantastic story of love and liberation”: An interview with the cast and director of ‘An American In Paris’

    "It’s been a process of figuring out how we can tease out those themes of love and liberation."

    Trinity Chemistry Professor Wins Prestigious Research Award

    Susan Perkin, a professor of physical chemistry and fellow of Trinity College at Oxford University, has won the 2023 Blavatnik Award for Young Scientists...

    Meat and Potato: Why You Should Want Other People to Eat Less Meat.

    "It makes sense for even the most ardent of meat-eaters to want meat for themselves, but veg for everyone else. So, how can we encourage other people to eat less meat?"

    Tales from the Trip

    There are some magical moments amongst the weirdness and terror of tripping.

    The Story Behind Noah Wild’s ‘I Will Delete This Story’

    “Growing up when the past won't let you go”

    The Secret Knoopsologist: 1

    Our new column to give behind-the-scenes insights and recommendations from Knoops: Oxford's favourite hot chocolate store.

    Review: Eastgate Brasserie — A hotel restaurant finding itself

    The seabass was my standout from the evening. Served on a bed of lentils and chorizo, the flavour combinations are ideal and executed to perfection.

    Driven: how Oxford’s BNOC culture is symptomatic of today’s political ills

    What is a glaring error in our politics is the desire to get to the top of the pile not because of what you believe in, but because you want the title out of vanity.

    Oxford Date Nights

    A perennial head-scratcher: where should I take my date out for a nice dinner?

    Euro supermarket and the comfort of finding authentic ingredients from home

    One faithful day during a stroll through Cowley, I stumbled upon a shop with my flag

    Cherwell sits down with Oxford’s first state educated Vice-Chancellor

    This afternoon, Cherwell met with Irene Tracey, Oxford’s new Vice-Chancellor. Tracey was formerly Warden of Merton College, and was the Nuffield Chair of Anaesthetic...

    NHS in crisis – Oxford braced for student return

    The only thing that makes our health system stand out at the moment is that it is in a worst state than any other in the developed world.  

    2022 – A Year in Review

    "Here is our selection of 2022’s drama, disaster, and craziness and what I, the Cherwell team, and the University community had to say about them."

    “Refreshingly ambiguous” – Review of Wishbone

    "Wishbone offers an insightful and tender portrayal of the complicated emotions tied up in a relationship".

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