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Blind Date: “We didn’t really click as more than friends”

Alvin Fujito and Jess Woods don’t get each other’s numbers

Alvin Fujito, First Year, Maths, Christ Church

I have never done something like this before, so I was understandably nervous. As I waited near the entrance of King’s Arms, I saw Jess across the street, looking as nervous as I was. When we revealed the subjects we’re studying, I was impressed at Cherwell’s matchmaking ability (though I slightly suspect that they stalked our Facebook profile before set- ting us up). We were able to talk about various things, from Brexit to our appreciation of my tutor/ her lecturer’s fashion sense. Time passed on very quickly, and soon enough it was nine pm and we had not eaten dinner. She declined my invitation to dinner as she had to finish a problem sheet. Overall, it was a great night getting to know a fellow Mathematician in a date-type setting. Thanks, Cherwell!

First impressions?

Struck me as a charming person.

Quality of the chat? 

8/10. Mathematicians do have a type.

Most awkward moment?

Having to approach a tourist to take a photo and then not using it.

Kiss or miss?

I think it’s a miss?

Jess Woods, Second Year, Maths, Worcester

I had a really nice time. We found each other easily which had been my main worry and conversation started flowing quickly. It started off with a chat about blind dates in general and why/ who had signed us up, which broke the ice nicely. We both do maths so that provided a natural point for conversation. He was a good listener as I talked about my time at school and it was great to hear about his Indonesian background. One moment that stood out was when we were talking about English A-level and we discovered that we both loved The Great Gatsby; it was nice to find something in common like that. We bonded over our occasional lack of enthusiasm for our subjects and thoughts on Oxford’s night life. As great as it was to meet Alvin, I felt like we were getting on as friends and didn’t really click more than that – but I can’t thank him enough for a nice evening!

First impressions?

Very smiley, seemed nervous.

Quality of the chat?

Pretty good, very few silences, we covered a lot.

Most awkward moment?

Probably when Brexit came up, but we handled it smoothly.

Kiss or miss?

Sadly, a miss.

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