We are a backwards people.

We created laptops so we could invent printers to set our texts on paper again.

We designed typefaces to mimic handwriting so that the printed text would look handwritten.

We founded the media to inform the public of the truth, in order to diffuse a new genre of truths: “false truths”.

We invented insurance to ensure that the worst can happen to people, just in case it doesn’t.

We made fountain pens and then ballpoint pens and then lunar pens (so that we could write on the moon… since we forgot about our old led pencils).

We replaced candles with gas lamps then incandescent light bulbs and finally LED lights so that years later the new vogue would be “mock-candles”: candle-shaped LED lights.

We had Christmas in December, which is Winter in half of the world, and concocted a “Christmas in July” so that the southern hemisphere might not get heatstroke from all the festivities.

We began to use money and created taxes and complex social-economic systems so that everyone would suffer equally.

We created a backwards world.

The sun revolves around the Earth which revolves around our moon and the twinkling little stars.

And they thought the Antipodes were unfathomable!

Image credit: NASA