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Black Lives Matter march in Oxford tomorrow

A peaceful march in solidarity with Black Lives Matter is planned for tomorrow, Wednesday 3rd June, in South Park from 1pm.

The march is organised to ensure social distancing and safety. A safety notices asks everyone to wear gloves and face masks and to use hand sanitiser where possible. It also states the 2 metre rule “is essential for the safety of our protesters”.

The flyer advertising the march states: “We have received much more support than we ever could have expected, and we want to ensure we can abide by social distancing rules! This is especially important as members of the BAME community are more vulnerable to the virus.”

“This is a PEACEFUL PROTEST and we will encourage people to leave if it gets out of hand! This is to ensure the safety of everyone!”

“We have support from Black Lives Matter and other organisations, but this is an independent protest, and everyone is responsible for their own actions!”

This past weekend saw peaceful Black Lives Matter protests in London, Manchester, and Cardiff. Many more protests are planned around the UK in the coming days.

They are sparked by the death of George Floyd, killed by a white police officer in Minneapolis on 25th May. There have been widespread protests across the US for the past 6 days.

The Instagram account with more information about the Oxford march can be found here.

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