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Hannah Edwards wins uncontested Union election amidst low voter turnout

Hannah Edwards has been elected Union President for Hilary 2023 and her #Impact slate swept all officer positions. The election saw some of the lowest voter turnout in recent memory and few contested positions.

Ebrahim Osman Mowafy and Julia Maranhao-Wong won their uncontested elctions for Librarain and Secretary respectively. Finlay Armstrong beat out Leo Buckley for the position for Treasurer by 284 votes to 175. All officer positions also received on average 121 Re-open nominations (RON) votes.

All candidates who put themselves forward for Standing Committee positions were elected. Chloe Pomfret, Charlotte Fallon, Caleb van Ryneveld, Peter Chen, Robert McGlone, Ana Rosca, Oliver JL, Ashley Cheong, Charlie Chadwick, Devon Darley and Aimee Adey have been elected to Secretary’s committee.

This term’s election saw only 590 votes cast, a steep drop down from the 910 cast last term or the 779 cast in last Trinity’s election.

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