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Amber Sidney-Woollett

The Sensuality of Female Loneliness

Erica Garza’s memoir, Getting Off, about her struggle with porn and sex addiction concludes with her looking back on a photograph on her as...

Review: At Eternity’s Gate

It is worth watching At Eternity’s Gate for Julian Schnabel’s mesmerising cinematography alone. This new biopic of Vincent van Gogh, with the titular character...

The ‘happily ever after’ we seek only exists in fiction

Reading stories full of delusions allows us to escape from the modern world

Lady Gaga is not a receptacle for your pain

It's been almost two years since the release of Chris Moukarbel's documentary about the pop icon super-star Lady Gaga, a.k.a. Stefani Germanotta. Gaga: Five...

2018’s Cultural Highlights

Amber Sidney-Woollett recaps a year in culture

The rise of the dystopia in a pessimistic world

As the world becomes increasingly hostile we turn to hell in art for comfort

12 books to get you through 2018

You may need these books to survive 2018, if it is as rocky as 2017

Lady in the Sheets review – ‘powerful and horrible but comic for all the wrong reasons’

Amber Sidney-Woollett says 'Lady in The Sheets' should leave the laughs at the door and stick to emotional impact