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Anna Stephen

Review: A Poet and A Scholar.

'The audience of Kian Moghaddas’ A Poet and a Scholar was in hysterics pretty much the entire way through.'

Christine McVie: Fleetwood Mac’s rock ‘n’ roll romantic

"Charged with hope and joy, aching with romantic wisdom, [McVie's songs] are the songs of a woman who has lived and loved."

Scenes with Girls: In conversation with Love Song Productions

"The dialogue is simultaneously so realistic and so weird and the characters and themes felt like they would really ring true to a student audience."

‘Beckett on speed’: In conversation with Nocturne Productions

"[...] they descend into paranoia, and carnage unfolds in a network of marvellously-layered backstabbing."

Review: Please Clap // 00Productions

'Overall, I very much enjoyed Please Clap. Experimental, and at the same time digging into the solemn secrets of celebrity and humanity, the fakery of the media and the forgery of façades, this was a show to be applauded.'

The Role of a Lifetime? It’s Never Too Late

While actors profit from an ability to be malleable, it is often the case that they are stuck playing the roles they are ‘right...

Requiem for a marriage

'I wanted you, all the more because I knew / Someone else was getting you. / What does that mean now?'

You’ll See Him

"Rain cracks its whip Against the windows. The wielder: autumn. From the cottage in the cleft of the foothills You can see a flickering light, just out of sight And it stains the blackest night."

Pre-Christmas lockdown considered for English universities

The government is considering a two-week lockdown for universities in England from 8th-22nd December, it has been reported. Boris Johnson has vowed to “get students home for...