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Anuj Mishra

ASEAN Secretary-General gives lecture in anticipation of Oxford Southeast Asian Institute

The Secretary-General of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), Dr Kao Kim Hourn, addressed a group of students and academics at an event...

Innovating Euripides: Medea Opening Night Review 

The Oxford Greek Play is a bizarre tradition: an undergraduate foray into Greek tragedy which first occurred in 1880 and has continued triennially ever...

“An ambitious testament to Epic theatre”: Angels in America Review

Angels in America: Milennium Approaches is a big show. Indeed, a play with a three-hour runtime and a Pulitzer Prize can really be nothing...

Fringe: “Quite absurd”, Review of Blue Dragon

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?”, says a harried wife to her brooding husband as she looks out onto a small and scattered audience in an...

Fringe: “Uncannily familiar”, Review of Cowboys and Lesbians

"Immensely funny, masterfully constructed, and, uncannily familiar", Anuj Mishra reviews Billie Esplen's original play 'Cowboys and Lesbians'.

‘ASMR Eat Your Heart Out!’: A Review of The Metamorphosis

The Metamorphosis was, understandably, intense, and weird – in a good way. Blessed with excellent performances, and clever use of technology, the play captured all the absurdity of Kafka.

Retelling the Immigrant Experience: A Review of ‘Xiao’

'Before us is a potted plant, a porcelain tea set, a dinner table, and a couple in embrace.'

New portrait of former Ghanaian President unveiled at Exeter College

A ceremony was held at Exeter College on the 9th May 2023 to celebrate the unveiling of two portraits of His Excellency John Kufuor, a former President of Ghana and Honorary Fellow of Exeter College, Oxford.

Normalising transgression: A review of Joyland.

'In Joyland, queerness becomes banal, and patriarchy is revealed to be futile.'

Interview: ‘Macbeth’ at the Pilch, an ensemble of tragedies

"Shakespeare gives us so much space to sort of deal with psychological problems, which aren't always necessarily textual, but really come through in rehearsals and give the performance a higher level of connection with the audience."

“A fantastic story of love and liberation”: An interview with the cast and director of ‘An American In Paris’

"It’s been a process of figuring out how we can tease out those themes of love and liberation."