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    Christopher Sinnott

    Dube wins Union Presidency as “Unlock the Union” slate struggles

    The three way race ended with RISE taking three senior officer positions and 2020 Vision taking one.

    Union candidate dropped from slate for “colonialism is underrated” JCR motion

    The controversial comment was part of a motion for a "declaration of war on St. Edmund's Hall".

    Friendships: easier made than kept?

    Sometimes it seems like you only show up any more when you want something from me”. An old friend of mine told me that...

    Popping the all-boy bubble

    How much do the benefits of an all-boy education outweigh the costs?

    Oxford Professor criticises use of gender hormones as “unregulated live experiment on children”

    Content warning: transphobia An Oxford University professor has come under public scrutiny after contributing to a front page story in the Times criticising the use...

    Lord Adonis: I “can’t wait” to debate Nigel Farage at the Oxford Union

    Cherwell can reveal that Nigel Farage is expected to speak at the Oxford Union on Thursday's eighth week debate on Brexit. The announcement of Farage's...

    McGrath and ‘Together’ slate sweep Michaelmas 2019 Union election

    Brendan McGrath will be Union President next Michaelmas after receiving 84 more first preferences than rival James Lamming. Candidates on McGrath's 'Together' slate also secured...

    Have you seen this cat?

    Trinity College is on the look-out for its college cat Artemis, who has reportedly not been seen since the 10th of February. Members of the college received...

    Business School faculty join calls for Oxford to cut ties with Zimbabwean finance minister

    The Saïd business school is facing calls from its faculty to end academic ties with Zimbabwe's finance minister.

    Union Librarian Brendan McGrath avoids impeachment

    Brendan McGrath, against whom a motion for impeachment was filed on Thursday 7th, has won his vote not to be impeached by 400 votes...

    Brasenose JCR apologise for ‘problematic’ ceilidh

    Brasenose JCR apologised to any students who felt affected, and assured them that their Burns Night ceilidh will be "as authentic as possible"