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Colleen Cumbers

Artificial Intelligence: The Case for Regulation

With every passing day, technology becomes increasingly indispensable in our world. Inventions such as electricity, the motor car, and the internet stand out as...

Christmas adverts: capitalist emotional blackmail or festive escapism?

Although spreading Christmas cheer, making viewers laugh and cry, and even tackling social and environmental issues are all well and good, the ultimate aim of Christmas adverts is to make more money for the company.

Frantz: a wrenching tale of remembrance

The French-German film Frantz, however, has gone unnoticed by many English-speaking viewers, despite being one of the most powerful films released to explore the after-effects of World War I.

Wearing a thong is never consent

The Irish rape trial reveals the flaws in our definition of sexual assault

The plight of the struggling high street

Physical shops need to adapt to the times

University isn’t a race for a job

Colleen Cumbers argues that corporate presentations and networking events on campus, whilst they have the ability to be helpful, have the potential to be overwhelming, placing unnecessary stress on young students

Mandatory workshops must stay

Mandatory consent workshops serve a vital and improving purpose