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Jack Twyman

The scene at Buckingham Palace: an intersection of modernity and history

"The one person many looked to as a bulwark of stability for a lifetime is gone."

UK Democracy is broken. Here’s how we can fix it.

As a new prime minister enters office after only earning 57% of the Conservative member vote and receiving the lowest vote share of any...

“Colorful Queer & Bright”: Jasper Soloff Reflects on His Creative Style

Jasper Soloff isn’t afraid to call Hollywood out on its false virtue signalling regarding queer representation. In a comment on Instagram in May, the...

Elizabeth the Last: What next for the monarchy?

"Is it right that our national anthem reveres nothing but our monarch? Is there not far more to our country than that?"

The changing role of Christianity in British society

In 2018 a survey found that 70% of young Brits aged 16–29 had no religious affiliation. Yet the country as a whole remains firmly...

Party to privilege, and privileged to party: College balls and socioeconomic exclusion

"Balls are a manifestation of the hierarchical independent school culture that persists in Oxford."

Conditional allyship? Queerness and censorship in Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore

CW: queerphobia Many gay people go through their teenage years realising who they are and, more often than not, coming to believe that it makes...

“Now it’s just around the corner”: Impacts of the Russo-Ukrainian crisis in Romania

Jack Twyman interviews Florin Misiuc, a member of the Romanian diaspora, on the effects of the conflict in Ukraine as felt in Romania.