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Katie Knight

Art Heist- bold fourth wall breaking drama sees Oxford grads take on the ‘Art World’

Katie Knight reviews upcoming Oxford grad company Poltergeist Theatre's new show 'Art Heist', where three art thieves try to steal the same painting on the same night!

Preview: The Oxford Revue and Friends – ‘plenty of laugh-of-out moments’

The Oxford Revue are headed to the Playhouse stage in 8th week, along with some special guests

Review: Amélie The Musical – ‘a story of relentless optimism’

A touring production of the 2015 Broadway show finally comes into its own at the New Theatre Oxford

Debating Matters championship held at Oxford Union

Last week the Oxford Union played host to the Oxfordshire finals of the Debating Matters championship. The competition for sixth-form students took place as part of...

Q&A – a play that ‘takes a turn into the chaotic and absurd’

Witty, absurd, and ultimately hilarious, Q&A is an entertaining one-act play, even if at times the dialogue lacks spontaneity

‘If We Were Villains’: Caught in long shadow of ‘The Secret History’

Does M.L Rio's debut novel prioritise style over substance?

Review: Redacted Arachnid – ‘has the audience close to tears with laughter’

The Owlets’ adaption of a Broadway legend provides great character performances and hilarious Beyoncé-inspired dance routines

Review: Many Moons – “thoroughly compelling”

Stellar performances and staging create a wonderfully emotive piece, but its bitter narrative makes it a hard pill to swallow

Preview: Skin a Cat – an interview with playwright Isley Lynn

"The final scene I saw – a relentless, breezy epiphany, beautifully handled in all its profanity by Tupper – emphasises this point more than any: it’s about 'creating your own metric for your own happiness'."

Preview: Made in Dagenham

A cheerful rendition of 'Payday' and some impressive character analysis make for a stunningly professional fifth week production.

Preview – Pirandello’s Henry IV – “a challenging role wonderfully enacted”

Omelette Productions presents an unconventional take on a Tom Stoppard translation

Review: House of Improv presents: I’m an Improviser Get Me Out of Here! – ‘relentlessly silly’

House of Improv presents an improvised hour of moon shoes, jacuzzis, and reckless fun

The Forgiveness Arc

Here are some of the best musical theatre songs centred around forgiveness

Review: Hadestown – from myth to musical

The National Theatre's musical work-in-progress proves to be a charming retelling of the story of Orpheus and Eurydice