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Lily Kershaw

French connection: My first two months in Paris

I have been shocked by how different I feel to those around me due to aspects of my appearance

Objectify me: Social media and the perils of the aesthetic

Instagram necessitates such a reduction of character, and this forces us all to ask, when my life is reduced to just a few images, what do I want them to say?

Review – Summer of Soul

Summer of Soul, which seamlessly interweaves original festival footage with contemporary interviews and news footage from the time, is truly brilliant. To say that the film merely shows the absolute talent of many of these performers would be an incredible understatement – the film positively resurrects them.

“Hey Ya!” Or Hey Nah?: Why your life is empty without “The Love Below”

"It feels almost like an Alice in Wonderland journey of sound – despite the constant growing and shrinking, we still know that we’re down the rabbit hole." Lily Kershaw looks back at André 3000's side of Outkast's 2003 double album, "The Love Below".

Challenging the Myth of Brazil’s “Post-Racial” Society

"Attitudes towards racial identity in Brazil are more fluid, and so it is often harder to define discrimination in Brazil using our own standards. Race is a social construct, and Brazil makes this incredibly apparent as their attitudes towards defining race are so different from our own."

Don’t call me pretty: catcalling, womanhood, and alienation

Can your body truly feel like your own when it is constantly being claimed by strangers?


Regaining my youth only means losing you all over again.

Being Ugly: Why We are Not All Beautiful (and that is okay)

'I want to have the right to be ugly and to be respected.' Lily Kershaw warns us against meaningless platitudes.