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Neily Raymond

“Unafraid to poke fun at the elite” – Review: The Corn is Green

"Miss Moffat plucks Morgan Evans out of the mines, trains him to speak like a gentleman, and stuffs his head with Adam Smith and Voltaire. It’s like My Fair Lady, but gender-swapped and very, very Welsh."

Let’s get physical: Review – Holding

Neily Raymond reviews Holding, Kristy Miles' new play at the Burton Taylor Studio.

A green scream machine at Queen’s – Review: Little Shop of Horrors

Queen’s College needed a sassy, singing carnivorous plant. In drag.

“Hide the babies” – Review: Girls and Dolls

There’s been a recent uptick in global awareness of the history of Northern Ireland. We can trace it back, roughly, to 2018. That’s when Lisa McGee’s hit TV series Derry Girls, which chronicles the tribulations of growing up in Derry during the Troubles, arrived on screens worldwide; and just like that, Northern Ireland became the object of cultural fascination.

“Outside, in drag, covered in glitter”: Little Shop of Horrors comes to Oxford

Everybody better beware: Little Shop of Horrors has arrived in Oxford.  The wacky musical tells the story of a meek florist, Seymour Krelborn, who finds...

Girls and Dolls: In conversation with A² Productions

"The popularity of Derry Girls [demonstrates] that shows like this, with a good balance of witty humour and colourful characters, family dynamics and psychological insights, are the perfect blend to watch."

‘The modern cult of the Girl Boss’ – Review: She Felt Fear

"Surrounded by the pressure to be beautiful, to craft a beautiful life, and to appreciate beauty, is it any wonder that Kathy goes a bit crazy? She Felt Fear is a portrait of hysteria in the twenty-first century."

‘They might just murder each other first’: A Review of Harold Pinter’s The Dumb Waiter

"Disgusting basement? Check. No gas for the kettle? Check. Cryptic instructions from a mysteriously absent boss? Double check. The lack of workplace protection laws is appalling."