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Poppy Atkinson Gibson

Review: “Beauty in Death” by Chase Atlantic

"The energy is less mosh pit, headbanging, and more vulnerable. There’s talk of heartache and relationships crumbling" Poppy Atkinson Gibson finds a different side to the Australian trio, Chase Atlantic, in their latest release, "Beauty in Death".

Clubbing in Culture: Rituals of Community-Finding

On the dancefloor is where you find your people in the deepest sense

What TikTok tells us about our toxic relationship with celebrities

"These TikTok stars are what we have made them through our gluttonous appetite for celebrity."

Reading the Room

"plays are meant to be performed"

Review: The Madness of George III

Alan Bennett’s acclaimed 1991 exploration of George III’s first bout of mental illness and the constitutional crisis it triggered is reborn in this National...