Tuesday, May 11, 2021
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    Red on Blue: Should public services be state-owned or privatised?

    Michelle Hufschmid focuses on the example of British Rail to make the case for nationalisation, while Peter Saville contends that the wave of privatisations since the 1980s has been an enormous net gain for ordinary people as well as business

    Not Wong: Lewandowski at the Union

    Brian Wong attacks the use of classical liberal arguments to defend the presence of Trump's campaign manager at the Union, but argues he should be allowed to speak nevertheless

    Red on Blue: Should we support electoral reform?

    This week, Red on Blue looks at the ever compelling subject of electoral reform: does First Past the Post really benefit us if it isn't as representative as it could be? Liam Astle and Altair Brandon-Salmon take a look.

    Red on Blue: How can we best help refugees?

    This week, Liam Astle and Matt Burwood discuss the ongoing refugee crisis. Is the government’s policy the right one, or do we have an obligation to take in more refugees?

    Not Wong: A Second Referendum

    This week's Not Wong constructs the principled case for a rerun of the European referendum, asking the question of whether truly democratic decisions can be made by uninformed electorates.