Recipe of the Week: TLT


Since it’s #VeggiePledge month, it’s important to raise awareness of meatreplacement meals which will help even the most committed meat-eaters fulfi ll their hastily made pledges. Tofu is a very versatile ingredient which deep-fried in dirty egg batter is certainly a good way to cut bacon out of everyone’s favourite sandwich. The most diffi cult taste to replicate is certainly the salty tang which bacon brings to any party. However, using this batter, tofu becomes a salty and chewy heaven of guilt-free meat replacement.


4 slices of (firm) tofu


Tomato, chopped


Bread (for sandwiches)

Plenty of sunflower or vegetable oil

Soy sauce

1 egg


Salt and pepper

Wrap the tofu in a tea towel (or kitchen roll) and put a weighted plate on top in order that the excess water comes out of the soya. Wait 30 minutes and it should be ready to fry. Whisk soy sauce into your egg and put in a small bowl. In a separate bowl, mix flour with salt and pepper. Dip the slices of tofu into egg and then into the flour. Having already heated up the oil in a pan (deep enough to submerge the tofu slices) place (carefully, so that the fat does not spit) the tofu slices into the pan. After a couple of minutes (roughly 1 and a half) turn the tofu slices over and let the other side cook. Once both sides are brown, take the tofu out of the pan and place on kitchen roll so that the majority of the excess oil comes off. Place all the ingredients between two slices of bread, as with every sarnie. The sandwich will, I promise, remind you of bacon, as the crispy, salty and peppery batter bears all the hallmarks of bacon without any of the moral, environmental or calorific guilt.


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