Authors Posts by Juliet Flamank and Jack Beadsworth

Juliet Flamank and Jack Beadsworth


Love Oxland: “She was tall, friendly and dolled up – though...

Juliet Flamank is disappointed by Jack Beadsworth’s lack of agricultural ambition


A separate paper deems feminist philosophy abnormal

Students should question whether the introduction of the paper is necessarily a 'good thing'

Crazy bop at Exeter. But where were all the suckling pigs?

Oxford needs to re-evaluate its disciplinary methods

What’s cooler than Huel?

It seems man can indeed live on Huel alone. The question is, why would he ever want to?

Oxford Men make surprise late change to Boat Race crew

Joshua Bugajski, a veteran of two Boat Races, has been replaced by Benedict Aldous

Feminist philosophy will revolutionise our worldview

The new course is a step towards diversifying philosophy at oxford