The 160th Varsity Boat Race: Live Blog

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Travel Blog: Morocco

Greta Keenan goes all Brits Abroad under a hot Moroccan sun

Who’s Got Talent?

Alyssa Grossbard discusses how anything goes in the world of reality TV

Taking the piste: Varsity blog part 2

Two utterly inexperienced skiers take the plunge at the Oxbridge snowsports event in Val Thorens

But oh, those Summer Eights

Sunny skies and lycra-clad guys get Alyssa Grossbard all excited about Summer Eights

The Problem with Paxman

Evy Cavalla argues that Jeremy Paxman's recent performances show the presenter's bias and lack of professional standards

How does OUSU spend our money?

Cherwell analyses OUSU's finances

Taking the piste: Varsity blog part 1

Two utterly inexperienced skiers take the plunge at the Oxbridge snowsports event in Val Thorens

Cherwell gives away 120 free Domino’s pizzas

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Tutoring: The lifestyle banking affords without the grind

Alice Wood examines the perks and pitfalls of the tutoring industry


Love Island’s connection to World Cup fervour

These two hotly contested competitions have gripped the nation this summer, and are more similar than you might expect

The Actor’s Nightmare Review – “a high octane sprint through an abominable nocturnal dystopia”

Mercury Theatre Productions' venture into theatrical hell is impressive, but the length of the production lets it down

Daniel Craig and the rescue of James Bond

Daniel Craig’s tenure as James Bond began with Casino Royale, and the highly successful 2006 blockbuster proved a fitting starting point for the ‘Blonde...

Hassan’s named among best ‘drunk food’ student takeaways in UK

It is the second time in a year that the eatery has received national recognition

Buffet breakfasts should be sent back to the kitchen

As the holiday season enters full-swing, it’s time to reassess the buffet breakfast.