For love of the Lords

Rachel Savage argues that the government's recent defeats on welfare reform show how much more a democratic Lords could achieve

Why I’m a … Muslim

A contributor explains what it is like to be a Muslim in Oxford.

Courting Controversy: lives matter more than lies

Daniel Kodsi argues that there is more to reporting the truth than pointing out every time Donald Trump says something false

Life on the streets of Oxford, Scott’s story

Last week I got into a conversation with a homeless man I’d seen many times before, but never really spoken to. Scott Hadlow, a...

Democratic Primary in 8 minutes

The Democratic Primary 2008 in one snappy eight minute video? All yours, after the jump.

The Beautiful Game’s greatest stage

Why you mustn't miss the upcoming World Cup

If I May… A Comment on Politeness

Are the Brits rude? Are Australians always polite? Nat Hillard has a look and a laugh at politeness here and abroad

Mount Kimbie raises Heaven’s roof

Cherwell's music blogger, Remi, reports on the manchester beat making duo silence all the 'post-dubstep' haters at their latest London gig

Cherwell vs OxStu: Issue 5

So, it only took five weeks for the two papers to come out with the same front page story.  The Friars/governing-body/license talk may have made the story impenetrable for many beyond the first two paragraphs.  Aldate reckons that Cherwell's timeline and standfirsts represent a better effort to open the article up to the casual reader.  But then maybe I'm biased...   Nonetheless, both here and generally speaking, there's a lot more that both papers should be doing to make stories more enjoyable: infoboxes, definitions, graphs, diagrams, infographics, whatever. The fact is that the traditional combination of picture, copy, headline, standfirst and pullquote is immensely unimaginative and unhelpful in telling the news.   Another good piece by Mr Holehouse on Stu p3 - goes to show that reading dry reports can go a long way.   Gratuitous use of a pretty girl in Cherwell's rent protest coverage.  Anything to do with one e

The punter’s guide to procrastination

Remi guides you through a few perfect tracks to accompany an afternoon of punting


Feminist philosophy will revolutionise our worldview

The new course is a step towards diversifying philosophy at oxford

I was overcome with a sense of familiarity, intermingled with strangeness

Beth James reflects on the forgotten female modernist poet, Hope Mirrlees

Oxford scientists receive £1m for heart defect research

Scientists awarded nearly £1m to determine the causes of congenital heart disease

Oxford International Art Fair Review – Open to all

Oxford international arts fair offers a accessible approach to curation for better or worse

13 Review – ‘effectively and enjoyably portrays Bartlett’s broken Britain’

Bertie Harrison-Broninski is impressed by the ambition and scope of this drama of political intrigue and belief