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Monday, September 25th

Blaze of glory or dismal squib?

The closer look at England's World Cup chances

Fashion shootout

While this saint wishes no animosity between our esteemed University and lesser other institutions, is the OXFORD Student not pushing its luck slightly with this week's photoshoot?   It's just that the photographer seems to be at Bristol , while one of the models goes to Loughborough.   (We know, we know, it's all about the fashion darling.)

On That Point: Safe spaces and politicians

Keir Mather argues that safe spaces cannot be extended to politicians without eroding democratic principles

Los tres mosqueteros strike again

Barcelona on course for centuries of goals and points

Time for some explanations

What Stuart Cullen has to say about the "disappearing speakers"

Oxford fights killer internet virus

A global computer virus has infected university computers, causing significant disruption to the university network. IT departments in various colleges were fighting the...

Tech startup promises cheapest prices on net

Nupur Takwale explores Flubit.com, a booming new online service which could save you money on online buys.

Decent term card and costly gategate

Some satisfactory speakers, decent debates and a big bill kick-start this term at the Union

The problem with Mark Hughes

Why exactly things have been so difficult for Sparky at City

Baby steps

Josh Rhodes introduces the team behind Turl Street Kitchen, an Oxford Hub project to convert an empty building on Turl Street into a socially aware venue and eatery