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Wednesday, January 17th

Keep rumour confined to the playground

The press is getting worringly close to printing gossip as standard. If they don't change we'll get bored of their crying wolf.

Week 0: The papers

Round 1, and Cherwell lands some heavy punches

8th Week

Cherwell.org's only remaining blog, so you may as well read it...

Wednesday Weltanschauung: Counter-Devolution

Alexander Curtis argues that devolution to Wales and Scotland is a mistake, and one that threatens to split the United Kingdom


A candle-lit chalet, nights under the stars... and your tutor? Joseph D'Urso gets back to basics in the French Alps

Week 4: The Papers

Neck and Neck again


Ladies, gentlemen, journo hacks - welcome to Aldate's blog about the incestuous world of Oxford's media. This corner of computer interweb will be dedicated to: 1) Filling the Bowden-shaped gap left by OxGoss's weekly "Cherwell vs OxStu" threads. Minus the "crack whore on crystal meth" comments.   2) Scattering sprinklings of derision upon Oxford's more colourful media characters. Which prominent journo hack is depicted here in her younger, more idealistic days (on the left, somewhat appropriately, of the picture)?  First correct email will win a free Cherwell delivered straight to their JCR.   3) Finding out if anyone actually listens to Oxide. Have you?  Help is at hand.      Got journonews? aldate@cherwell.org

Great Sexpectations: Volume Seven

One lawyer gets more than he bargained for in a late night library session

Bexistentialism: HT16 8th Week

This week Bex is discouraged from stealing a dolphin

Clickbait: The six lies you tell each week

The Life Team calls you out on your BS