One man’s loss for Tottenham’s gain

Spurs have four good strikers again, and one man is going to get left behind...

The XI of the season so far

2009/10's top movers and shakers to date

Internship Blog: Reach for the Sky (News)

In the last of our summer internship blogs, Eleanor Bley Griffiths dives into the world of political journalism

Penny Pinching: 2

Nick Pointer, money-saving expert, explains how to live for less in Oxford. This week he's pushing the boundaries of personal hygiene. All in the name of the cause

British women ruling the world

When it comes to sport, the British XY's are putting their XX counterparts to ZZZ

Saturday 12:45 World XI

Introducing our new feature

Life as we (don’t) know it

"If it's just us, it seems like an awful waste of space" - Jai Juneja explores the possibility of extraterrestrial life

Alzheimer’s influence seen at age 20?

Recent Oxford research suggests it will be possible to diagnose risk of dementia decades before it would manifest. Is this viable, or even helpful?

Glastonbury 2013: Friday

Cherwell Music experience an alternative day at Glastonbury

Travel Blog: South Africa

Rachel Hutchings enjoys the sun, sea, and sharks of South Africa.


Former ACS president wins social mobility award

The current Havard student was a former ACS president

Rhodes Trust announces largest and most diverse cohort

The 2019 class includes two Global Scholars
a sign saying 'no surrender' hung over rubble on Shankill Road

Milkman by Anna Burns: a pertinent portrait of life during the Troubles

An exploration of Anna Burns' The Milkman and its chilling relationship to the violence of the Troubles.

Research by Oxford University reveals scale of Russian intervention in US election

Research by Oxford University’s Computational Propaganda Project and network analysis firm Graphika provides an in-depth analysis into Russia’s disinformation campaign around the 2016 US election.

Students face “hit” following ONS student loan reclassification

The reclassification will see £12bn added to the UK annual deficit