Your guide to Election Night

An hour by hour guide to what to look out for so you can make friends and influence people with your punditry skills

Travel Blog: South Africa

Rachel Hutchings enjoys the sun, sea, and sharks of South Africa.

Red on Blue: Should public services be state-owned or privatised?

Michelle Hufschmid focuses on the example of British Rail to make the case for nationalisation, while Peter Saville contends that the wave of privatisations since the 1980s has been an enormous net gain for ordinary people as well as business

We Need To Talk About ‘Big Phil’

11 years ago, Luiz Felipe Scolari left Palmeiras in a blaze of glory. Now, merely a year after returning to the club, the enigmatic 62-year-old could well be on his way once again — this time under a cloud of controversy. Aleks Klosok looks at an unhappy homecoming for 'Big Phil'

0th Week: New Season

This week's singles plus some stuff

A life on the streets of Oxford

Michael Jacob records a few days in the life of rough-sleeper Chad


So delicious they printed it twice.

Radiohead Remixed

Following last week's release of their promotional newspaper 'The Universal Sigh', Remi recommends new takes on Radiohead classics

Old Stagers

The ‘fourth wall’ refers to the invisible divide between actors and audience in realistic theatre, sealing the acting space off from the auditorium. The...

Not Wong: A Second Referendum

This week's Not Wong constructs the principled case for a rerun of the European referendum, asking the question of whether truly democratic decisions can be made by uninformed electorates.


Love Island’s connection to World Cup fervour

These two hotly contested competitions have gripped the nation this summer, and are more similar than you might expect

The Actor’s Nightmare Review – “a high octane sprint through an abominable nocturnal dystopia”

Mercury Theatre Productions' venture into theatrical hell is impressive, but the length of the production lets it down

Daniel Craig and the rescue of James Bond

Daniel Craig’s tenure as James Bond began with Casino Royale, and the highly successful 2006 blockbuster proved a fitting starting point for the ‘Blonde...

Hassan’s named among best ‘drunk food’ student takeaways in UK

It is the second time in a year that the eatery has received national recognition

Buffet breakfasts should be sent back to the kitchen

As the holiday season enters full-swing, it’s time to reassess the buffet breakfast.