Musical Expeditions: Jazz in Prague

The language of dissidents in the Communist era, now a major tourist attraction... Czech jazz: dead or alive?

Listen While You Can: Dark Night of the Soul

The endangered brainchild of Danger Mouse, Sparklehorse, David Lynch, et al.

Review: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

A half blood prince and a whole lot of drama

Review: Romeo and Juliet

A rock and roll romance...

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2009

Cherwell takes a look at the latest developments at the Royal Academy's annual exhibition

Review: Blur’s Reunion Tour

From Glastonbury to Hyde Park: The 'Best Days of their Lives'? Evelyn Richardson checks out the long-awaited return of Brit Pop's finest

Make it New

Barney Norris explains the thinking behind his new Hamlet

Friday Night with The Saturdays

Paul-Stephen Bishop's account of The Saturdays' "gig" at Oxford's New Theatre

First Night Review: An Inspector Calls

A superb production at the Playhouse

Soi Cowboy

A look at British director Thomas Clay’s take on modern Thailand


Modern China from a new perspective

Jacob Cheli talks to BBC Correspondent Michael Bristow about his travels around China with a cross-dressing language teacher

Different flavours in the Caribbean

The variety and intensity of Caribbean cuisine is far flung from minimalist European food

Council approves New College ‘Ivory Tower’

Baroness Kennedy of Mansfield told the planning committee that New College paid "very little attention to our genuine concerns"

Sexism in Jazz

Lola Grieve explores the underrepresentation of women in jazz in discussion with female jazz musicians at Oxford

Protestors call for divestment at Clarendon Building rally

Oxford Climate Justice Campaign called on the University and its colleges to divest from the fossil fuel industry