The Live Wire: Enter Shikari

The trance-rock quartet put on a formidable live show

A grand old man and his dog

Cherwell gets thespy with Nobel laureates Derek Walcott and Peter Manning

Igor Film Review

A new kids flick in the un-ending tirade of animated adventures hitting silver screens

The World’s A Stage 1st Week

We meet the Bourgeois (in Bourges)

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Exploring the beautiful and atmospheric performance space

Sounds like Michaelmas

Cherwell's pick of the term's musical offerings


Wes Anderson’s films are nostalgic for the present

For Daniel Gonsales, Anderson’s playful films pair loneliness with joy.

Childhood’s Clarity in ‘The Ocean at the End of the Lane’

The Ocean at the End of the Lane opens with an epigraph from Maurice Sendak, “I remember my own childhood vividly… I knew terrible things. But I knew I mustn’t let adults know I knew. It would scare them.”

Oxford should not accept billionaires’ vanity projects

Oxford’s continued acceptance of donations by the super rich like Blavatnik is rotten to the core.

Top Five Must-See ‘Coming of Age’ Films

"‘Coming of age’ isn’t just an umbrella term for drippy films caught up in teenage drama"

The Taste of Success

Julia Alsop speaks to MasterChef finalist and Oxford PhD student, Nawamin Pinpathomrat