Patch me if you can

Maximillian Millard talks to the Ivor Novello-nominated indie hopefuls, Patch William

Review: In the Land of the Free

Verdict: unjustly overlooked

Review: Sus

Jack Binysh reviews the latest suspenseful film about unusual suspects

First Night: The Oxford Revue and Friends

Verdict: A more-than-alright revue.

Online Review – Translations

An Anglo-Irish language barrier teaches us about the gaps between us all

Stage Review – The Way of the World

Jocks, frocks and coxcombs in the gardens of Univ

3rd Week Photo Blog

Rule of thirds?

Cherwell’s Election Day Album

Cherwell photographers capture the election fever around town...

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‘What would Enid say?’ asks Andrew McCormack

Online Reviews – The Homecoming and The Lover

Cherwell Stage revels in the Burton Taylor's unofficial Pinter week.


Gin and tonic’s history might leave you with a bitter taste

Colonialism, empire and disease: this tasty tipple has an interesting story

The Threepenny Opera Preview – ‘promises to be exhilarating’

This term's Playhouse show paints a heightened portrait of the inner-city's criminal underworld.

Brett Kavanaugh’s success is disgraceful

A history of misogyny is a worthy cause for disqualification

Break ups are never easy

Let's not praise OUCA's Bullingdon ban: it's a long time overdue

OUCA introduces Bullingdon ban

The exclusive dining club has been added to a list of "proscribed organisations"