Festivals: Do and Don’t

Matt Jones gives festival-goers his top tips from a summer of outings

Hello Stephen: Introducing leggy blonde, Steve Merchant, 36.

Award winning co-creator of The Office and Extras, Stephen Merchant is embarking on his first everstand-up comedy tour. I got in touch to discuss returning to the stage, service station cuisine, and playdates with Johnny Depp.

A Fresher’s Guide to Packing

Grace Goddard provides some handy tips on the Oxford eight-week packing saga for the incoming fresher

Fresher = Survivor

For the fresher who can't cook, one restaurant at a time

Social enterprise group to renovate empty Turl Street venue

The Oxford Hub has begun a project to convert 16-17 Turl Street, a building which has been left unused for two years, into a bar and restaurant; the profits of which will feed back into social enterprise projects in the local community

The Secret Diary of a Call Centre Worker

Cherwell Lifestyle puts its reputation on the phone line, finding a murky world of voyeurism, exploitation and sex

Word policing

Jack Andrews asks Oxford how riled up linguistic effrontery really gets us

Cherwell’s Fresher A – Z

A is for Arrival. You are not good enough. You never were good enough, you never will be good enough and it’s all a terrible joke. Ah well, Cherwell’s here to help. Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin.

Get smart!

After years in the mobile wilderness, Matthew Jones finally gives in to touch-screen temptation

Google Minus

Is Google’s latest attempt to crack the online networking sphere top news or social suicide?


SU welcomes students responding to Gender Recognition Act consultation

The SU also made its own submission to the consultation incorporating contributions from members

Anti-racist groups to protest AfD leader’s visit to the Union

Stand Up to Racism Oxford argues the party ‘built up its following by stoking up racism against migrants, Muslims and refugees’

Transition wardrobes are a SCAM

Is a week of autumn weather really an excuse to invest in a whole new wardrobe?

The Imperative to Resist Injustice

Brian Wong argues that we all have a responsibility to fight today's social injustices

Campaign for Southeast Asia centre receives royal backing

The centre will be used to research and teach about Southeast Asia