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Hassan appointed honorary member of Lincoln JCR

Kebab vendor Hassan Elouahabi has been made an honorary member of Lincoln JCR. 

The motion, which stated that “Hassan’s can only be described as an Oxford institution of the utmost importance, and one that is integral to the welfare of Lincolnites”, passed on Sunday evening with only one vote against. 

The membership allows Hassan to use Lincoln’s JCR when he likes as well as attend and vote at meetings.

Adam Montague, who proposed the motion, told the JCR, “You all know who Hassan is, he’s pretty damn awesome. I thought people could come up and share their reasoning for their undying love for him.” 

A number of anecdotes were then related by JCR members, with one Lincoln student recalling a gift of free chips, and another telling the college that Hassan had been “very sympathetic” when she visited the van in a moment of distress. 

The motion passed to loud applause. 

Speaking to Cherwell, Hassan Elouahabi said he was “very happy” with the decision and thanked Lincoln JCR for his membership.

Lincoln Entz President Patrick Jones told Cherwell, “Hassan is a first-rate chap and I’m more than happy to share the JCR with him on a regular basis.”

Second-year medic Lutfi Al-Nufoury said, “People involved in the Kebab selling world have no place in the JCR. Their place is in a little tin van down the end of the street. Hassan seems like a lovely guy and this isn’t a personal thing, I’m just against small businesses setting up camp in the JCR.”

One anonymous student said, “Hassan provides a very important welfare service for Lincoln students.”

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