Review: Sleep Party People – Floating


Floating is the third studio album from Sleep Party People, a.k.a. Brian Batz, the latest in a string of breakout Scandinavian acts. Opening with triumphant chorus of echoing guitars, light flanger, and high pitched vocals of the track ‘Change in Mind’, much of the album is dark and synth driven, although more lively tracks such as ‘Floating Blood’ are a welcome upbeat change.

The influences of darker new wave music can be felt in the harmonies and bass of ‘In Another World’ and the instrumental ‘Death Is the Future’, which – as if the name wasn’t enough of a clue – are reminiscent of themes to 80s sci-fi franchises. The latter half of the album takes a turn for the surreal, with the dreamy tracks ‘I See The Sun Harold’ and ‘I See The Moon (featuring Lisa Light)’ and the more mellow ‘Only a Shadow’ featuring minimal vocals and multiple clashing effects.

The aura produced by this album is unseasonably cold and tends more towards the region atmospheric than the lyrical. However, the entire album is thematically united by its exploration of musical dreamscapes. The memorable synthesiser riffs, the occasional chamber pop influences and wide variety of sounds make this an album which will be a favourite for intimate settings in which Sleep Party People is due to play on his forthcoming European tour.


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