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Magdalen imposes new alcohol restrictions

The new restrictions on alcohol purchases by the JCR bring the rules in line with those of other Oxford colleges.

Magdalen College have introduced new restrictions on alcohol purchases by the JCR, which will mean all alcohol purchases will require the pre-authorisation of the College.

In the new Magdalen JCR budget for 2018/19, the Entz budget has been reduced to £2000 in order to accommodate this new rules change. All alcohol purchases must now be made through the Treasurer with the permission of the College.

These rule changes will bring Magdalen into line with other colleges’ alcohol policies.

When contacted for comment, Toby Morrison, Magdalen JCR’s Treasurer, told Cherwell that the JCR has no official comment on the subject until a meeting of the JCR’s executive can be convened to discuss it.

However, the Magdalen JCR Entz team told Cherwell: “This decision was made without our knowledge or input, and was apparently taken for reasons to do with the use of college funds.”

Issues had been previously raised with alcohol at Magdalen bops after an incident last term.  Though the Entz team described this as “a bit of tomfoolery” in a “light-hearted” bop email, they did subsequently propose and implement a ban on guests from other colleges at Magdalen bops.

In addition to the cuts to the Entz’s teams expenditure, the new budget contains money allocated for a Trans Rep and an OKB Rep alongside substantial increases to the welfare and art budgets.

This article was updated to reflect the fact that the Magdalen JCR Entz team themselves implemented a ban on guests from other colleges at bops.

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